Today if you reading the blog post then you must have interest in Nft and just like most other person with lack of direction and how to go about it.
Well worry no more!.
What Are NFTS-{A NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN} is a record stored on blockchain that certifies that a digital asset is unique and the ownership of that asset. NFTs can be used to represent digital asset such as images, audio, videos, and other types of digital files.
NFTs can also be used to track and represent the ownership and authenticity of physical asset including original artwork and creative pieces such as paintings and sculptures.
History Of NFTs-

It started with color coins(2012). It use to be a way to transfer assets using bitcoins-Concept for issuing and transferring any asset on Bitcoin blockchains, stocks, coupons, bond. Record ownership of an asset as a colored coin and transfer in a transaction.
Why You Should Create NFTs
1.Protect your creative effort(verifiable authenticity)
2.New commercial pruduct line
3.Easy and affordable set up for creating and selling your work
4.Lifttime royalties
5.Create multiple streams of income
6.Promote your work automatically 24/7
What Make An NFT So Valuable-
1.An NFT is valuable because blockchain has enabled “digital scarcity”
2.ERC-721 Token standard

If you have read through till this point thank you and i appreciate you all, the following below is how to store and protecting your NFTs asset.
Types Of Storage
HOT STORAGE :Is when one keep his or her asset in a crypto wallet online. Note- A Hacker can have access to anyone’s computer and hack it and then transfer asset found in the online wallet found in the computer, so therefore this a risky storage method.
COLD STORAGE : This is storage of asset on hardware offline wallet holder. eg-Trezor, Ledger. you can do a research on how to get one online.

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